Trauma-informed residential aftercare for adult female survivors of sex trafficking.



Newfoundland Therapy Dogs

Newfoundland dogs will be a gentle, loving presence at our home.  Weighing between 120 – 160 pounds and covered in a soft, fluffy coat, the Newfies are giant teddy bears ready for love and companionship.  The Newfoundland breed is renowned for its easy-going personality, ability to work closely with people, and is often used as a water-rescue dog.  

Therapy Gardens

The beautiful land we desire will be cultivated to provide women with opportunities to connect with the earth and learn gardening skills.  We will grow lavender and other plants with therapeutic qualities.  Our residents will learn entrepreneurial skills by participating in our garden-to-market program.

Art Center

The House of Ezer property will also be home to our art center for survivors.  We believe that each survivor participates at her own pace to engage the arts for therapy, healing, and self-expression, as she desires.  We provide opportunities for connection and engagement through music, various visual arts, writing, and movement.

Our art center will also have educational space dedicated to learning and spiritual growth.